Hulp aan Oekraïne in Amstelland

hulp oekraine amstelveen aalsmeer

На цій сторінці ви знайдете нашу підтримку українським біженцям

At this page you find our support to Ukrainian refugees. Other support:

  • Click here for our support to families in Amstelland that host Ukrainian refugees
  • Click here if you want to offer your help (donations, volunteering) 
Weekly program Uilenstede 106

На Uilenstede 106 в Амстельвені ми пропонуємо щотижневу програму з великою кількістю заходів, таких як мовні заняття, робочі кораблі та фітнес.

At Uilenstede 106 in Amstelveen we offer a weekly program with lots of activities like language classes, workshops and fitness.

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Special events

Special events for Ukrainians, such as performances in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Check out the calendar and register. 

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Activities for kids at Uilenstede

In Amstelveen we offer a playgroup for 2-4 year old kids and after school activities for 4+. Join the activities, it is fun!

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Clothing and goods

Do you need clothing (kids, men and women), baby articles, hygiene products or goods for pregnant women? Our coordinators can help!

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Support by Ukrainian speaking psychologists

Participe Amstelland employs Ukrainian-speaking psychologists.

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